Seated Arm Series

Arm Workout Tips… 

Hold each arm pose for 1 minute. It’s a 12 minute workout! Ready?! Set your timer…

1. Push palms together. Activate arms. Push shoulders down. Breath in, breathe out, observe and slow down the breath through the nose. Bow to and honor your heart center. 

2. Straighten arms all the way to fingertips. Count your breaths during the 1 minute hold. Can you do 10 or less? Focus on clearing Heart energy. 

3. Fingers wrap into fists. Pull belly in deeply on every exhale unless pregnant. Reminder to push shoulders down and extend arms again. 

4. Push hands flat with fingers pointing to the sky. Nervous system opens. Keep breathing and activate your will. You can do it! Hold 1 minute.

5. Fingers and hands curl under. Nervous system releases. Let stress go through the fingertips and breath!

6. Open hands wide and extend fingers. Focus on recharging the life force in the body. 

7. Draw elbows tightly into the waist with palms up. Squeeze in. Shoulders are back and down.

8. Lengthen arms 60 degrees and angle pinky fingers higher. Dig deeper! You’re doing great!

9. Imagine holding a ball above the head for one minute. Connect to something higher than yourself. Shoulders are down. 

10. Palms face forward fingers and hands open and extend. Breath of fire for 1 min. Pump the breath through the body. 

11. Look down and draw elbows up and slightly back. You can pulse the elbows up 1 inch on every exhale. 

12. Rest the arms, palms face up on the knees. Feel calm loving energy wash over and through you. Great job! Namaste

With love ~ Bobbi

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